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Frequently Asked Questions About CrocStylez Genuine Crocodile Leather Products

Q: Does CrocStylez have a shop?

No, but all the crocodile leather products and details are on our website and CrocStylez catalog can be requested.  CrocStylez mainly distribute crocodile leather products to shops and export all over the world.  But we do sell to the public on request.

Q: Can CrocStylez export crocodile leather products?

Yes, CrocStylez export crocodile leather products to all over the world.

Q: How can you collect your product from CrocStylez?

CrocStylez can either post your crocodile leather product over night too you or send the crocodile leather product with a courier.  Crocodile leather products can also be arranged to be collected in Pretoria.

International companies and clients have a variety of freight options.

Q:Does CrocStylez arrange freight for your crocodile leather products?

Yes, CrocStylez will get you the necessary quotes for freight and deliver your products to the Cargo Company of the client’s choice.

Q: Do you need a permit for the crocodile leather products in South Africa?

No, permits are only needed when crocodile leather products are exported.

Q: Does CrocStylez provide exporting permits for crocodile leather products?

Yes, CrocStylez apply for all permits needed to export the crocodile leather products to where ever you are.

Q: Are CrocStylez's crocodile leather products available in different colours?

Yes, crocodile leather products can be tanned in almost any colour imaginable!

Q:Does the price of crocodile leather products decrease with a big quantity?

Yes, the more you buy the cheaper it gets.  So make sure you order a lot!