About UsCrocStylez Genuine Crocodile Leather

What we do:

CrocStylez produces high quality exotic leather products for the outdoor and fashion industries.

Our leather products are produced from the African Nile Crocodile (Niloticus), which are commercially bred largely for their skin. Through commercial utilization of crocodile products in a captive breeding system, it is now assured of the long term conservation of the species for future generations, as wild crocodile populations whose existence was threatened and on the brink of extinction.

Raw skins are tanned using the latest technology and production methods to achieve high levels of consistency and excellence.

Our exotic crocodile products are handmade proudly in South Africa, for ultimate durability and comfort.

Our Company:

CrocStylez is a South African based company recognised as one of the rarest top class leather craft companies.

We are an experienced export company and are known for our excellent client service.

With our team of professional craftsmen, attention is focused on detail and a timeless luxury product.

If you are looking for exclusive leather goods, CrocStylez is just for you.